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Participation requirements

Although the float itself is free of side effects, but there are a few clinical pictures in which it is advised not to float or should be consulted before a doctor. In order to be able to guarantee you and all other guests the most carefree swimming bath experience we ask you to refrain from using a hover bath for subsequent indications.


no epilepsy

no borderline syndrome

no open wounds

no thrombosis

no incontinence

no broken eardrum

no infectious diseases

no menstruation

no pacemaker

no serious heart disease

no psychotic seizures

no colorable or removable substances and oils on the body (self-tanning creams, freshly tinted hair)

under 16 years only in the company of a legal guardian or with his consent

Cancellations & Appointments

In order to avoid unnecessary costs, we ask you to cancel or change dates, to inform us no later than 24 hours before the originally scheduled date.


Otherwise we will have to charge you 50% of the service amount, but at least 25, – Euro per person.


In the event of a short-term cancellation (less than 24 hours prior to the deadline) of a voucher date, we must deduct 50 percent of the voucher amount from its value.

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