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2 people – 1 price – 1 date

In our partner-float offers, everyone has their own floating pod or floating tank. Thus, the float is possible at the same time, but nevertheless, each is for itself.

The float in the non-medical application, first and foremost, is intended to achieve a very low degree of relaxation for our guests. The means for this is the greatest possible withdrawal from the stimulus, that is, as far as possible, nothing to see, to hear and to feel nothing.

Naturally, each guest has different options to design his own wellness atmosphere by controlling light, music or open / closed floating pod. Water is a very good sound and motion transporter. We have the experience when two people are in a floating pool, that the other person always gets along when the one moves, or often only breathing (to snoring).

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Conditions of participation

Although the float is free from side effects, there are a few disease pictures that are not advised by the float or a doctor should be consulted before. In order to ensure that you and all other guests have an unobstructed hover experience, we ask you to refrain from using a suspension bath for the following indications.

No epilepsy

No borderline syndrome

No open wounds

No thromboses

No incontinence

No broken eardrum

No infectious diseases

No menstruation

No heart pacemaker

No serious hereditary diseases

No psychotic seizures

No color or detachable substances and oils on the body (self-tanning creams, freshly tinted hair)

Under the age of 16, only accompanied by a person entitled to education or with his / her consent

Cancellations & changes

In order to avoid unnecessary costs, we ask you to notify us of cancellations or changes of dates, no later than 24 hours before the planned date.

Otherwise, we will charge you 50% of the service charge, but at least 25, – Euro per person.

In the case of a short-term cancellation (less than 24 hours before the date) of a voucher, we must deduct 50% of the voucher amount from its value.

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