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Floating in K´Town!

 In the USA and Australia Floating is already popular and meanwhile also increasing in Europe as a Highlight in wellness areas. Also with great success, now even offer clinics and practices floating for supplementary treatment of acute and chronic diseases and for rehabilitation.


What is »Floating«?

Floating is a relaxation technique to bring in persons, with the help of warm, concentrated salt water in a special tank, into weightless floating.

A floating tank is somewhat similar to a large tub with lockable lid, or rather a giant egg. It is filled with about 40 cm deep salt water. Due to the high salt concentration of the water relaxes you float on the water surface, if desired, cut off from outside stimuli.

The maximum relaxation is normally achieved by total sensory deprivation, so feel and hear nothing, see or smell. For all those connected, however, for this complete sensory deprivation, at least initially, with an uneasy feeling, it is possible to adapt your environment in accordance with your wishes.

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